Our Services

Handyman - We offer an array of services in home improvement and repairs. Can be a small job of fixing a loose doorknob or a large job in upgrading your kitchen or bath; and cover just about everything in between. We are professional and respectful of your property and will make sure there is no debris, tools, or trash left on the work site. Below are a few of the services we provide.  

- Replace Ceiling Fans 

- Hang Pictures/Shelves 

- Replace Faucets 

- Repair/Drywall 

- Power wash & Stain Decks 

- Install/Repair Closet Doors

- Install Curtain Rods 

- Install/Replace Moldings

- Assemble/Replace Cabinets

Residential Interior Painting - Not sure what color(s) to choose? We can help you coordinate your color palettes to achieve the look you want and provide options that fit within your budget without compromising quality. We also offer power washing and deck staining. We work with a certified LEAD contractor and use a simple test kit. If LEAD is present, we will work with the contractor and safely remove any LEAD paint that may be present.